Brazenly wild women's retreat


WE BELIEVE that strength, resilience, and compassion for our world come through exploration of nature and its community.
Join us in celebrating the great outdoors with like minded women. Together, we will share a wilderness experience to inspire a lifetime. Our women’s wilderness retreat offers inspiration and community coupled with outdoor skills to infuse your future adventures with confidence and joy. The outdoors offer a natural proving ground to test your ability. At our women’s retreat you’ll have the opportunity to add depth to your outdoor knowledge in a safe and nurturing environment.

Come outside

with us

The experience


Hone your backcountry skills! Join in for two instruction and practice sessions on Fire Building, Fire Safety, and some warm your tum Gourmet Backcountry Cooking.

Ummm. Smell that campfire.



Immerse yourself in nature with new friends. Let your mind escape the pace of everyday life. Start the day with gentle stretching and meditation, end the day with the star-filled Wyoming sky.


Tell stories, listen, learn, experience the wilderness in the comfort of the Boyer YL Guestranch and surrounding National Forest. Take home with you the inspiration to last a lifetime of adventure.

What’s Included

The Brazenly Wild Women’s Retreat will be held at the Boyer YL Guest Ranch in Savery, Wyoming on July 19-23, 2018. Two nights will be spent in shared accommodations in the rustic cabins that rest on the 500-acre ranch. Guests will also enjoy two nights backpacking in the adjacent National Forest. All meals provided with special attention to allergies, and vegan, gluten-free, and paleo guidelines.

Start the adventure with an afternoon check-in. Unwind, explore the grounds, and meet new friends. The first night will be spent in shared accommodations in the ranch guest cabins.

Awake to fresh breakfast, morning stretching, and meditation each morning, both at the ranch and in the forest. Gather gear and head out on a short backpack hike (3-5 miles) into the National Forest. Food and water will be transported to the camp location, keeping everyone’s pack at a manageable weight. Guests are responsible for bringing an appropriate backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad for campout nights, and personal items.

Once we reach our destination, set up camp, explore, and share in meal preparation learning gourmet backcountry cooking techniques. Enjoy two evenings around the campfire in the National Forest with new friends. Sleep in shared tents (or bring your own) under the Wyoming star-filled night sky.

On day 3, after a relaxing morning ritual, spend a full day journaling, drawing, and hiking in the National Forest. Identify local plants, trees, and spot wildlife.

On day 4, return to the Boyer YL Ranch for an evening cookout on the rim with 360 degree views. Enjoy a cozy night in the cabins followed by breakfast before departing the ranch.

Guests will be expected to adhere to Leave No Trace principles. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.


the Boyer YL Ranch

The Boyer YL Guestranch in located in Savery, Wyoming, at the heart of Carbon County.
The Boyer YL Guestranch is situated on 500 acres just north of the Colorado border, adjacent to Medicine Bow National Forest. Our retreat opens with a night spent in their rustic cabins, followed by two nights camping in the National Forest, and finally a night to relax, regroup, and share, spent back at the ranch.

retreat leaders

The Brazenly Women’s Wilderness Retreat is the brainchild of Sarai Snyder and Kimberly Coats, two women with diverse experience in women’s leadership and the great outdoors.
Sarai went on her first backpacking trip with her parents before she could walk. Growing up in Kentucky, she was instilled with a deep love of the outdoors. Whether playing on the neighbor’s farm or camping with family or friends, she was always up for an adventure.

As a self-proclaimed fire starter, Sarai has continued to follow her passion as an artist, outdoorswoman, cyclist, and leader in empowering women worldwide. She believes that nature is a natural proving ground for personal strength, resilience, compassion, and confidence.

It has been her lifelong dream to teach fire building skills and share the experience of personal growth by leading women on an adventure into the wild.

Learn more about the artist and writer Sarai Snyder.

Kimberly spent her 20’s and 30’s pursuing her own business and financial freedom in the big city. After losing everything in the 2008 housing crisis she realized she had ceased really living.

At 42, she packed her bags and headed to Rwanda where she spent the next 8 years building the national cycling team – Team Rwanda. She learned the value of simple living and empowering others through cycling.

In 2017 she returned to the US with her husband Jock, to his family ranch in Savery, Wyoming. Bringing with her the bold experiences of living in Rwanda, Kimberly is dedicated to building the Boyer YL Ranch into a refuge for others as it has been for her.

Read more on her website – Our Highest Selves – Creating Empathy in a Less Than Empathic World.

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Sisterhood of the Wild

Sisterhood of the Wild

There in the quiet evening forest,
the place she had come to be alone,
she found the warm embrace of her longing,
the sisterhood of the wild.

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