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Girl Bike Love began in 2010 to empower women and girls through cycling. When I first dipped my toes into the industry in 2005, few women worked in bikes shops or held important decision-making roles in bike companies. Women’s-specific gear was entering into its magic “shrink it and pink it” phase, and women’s racing was simply a side note (to many). There was a great need for a platform for women to learn to ride, and to be ambassadors, leaders, and movers and shakers in the bike industry.

Girl Bike Love has been a positive voice promoting women’s cycling. It’s been a solid foundation and an advocate – legitimizing the need, turning a spotlight on the opportunity, providing women with education and an open invitation to ride. Through that invitation and your participation, we grew a worldwide community.

With the support of this community, and in partnership with our friends at Language Dept., we launched CycloFemme in 2012. CycloFemme is a global celebration of women – to Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, Empower the Future. Since the inception, with the bicycle as our tool, we have had rides in over 40 countries and in every US state. It has become a truly global movement. If you’ve joined us on this adventure, THANK YOU.

Through these two mediums, we have built relationships around the world with women cyclists, racers, those who are just beginning, and those who support these endeavors. It is with great pride that I see how far women’s cycling has come, knowing we played a small role, as catalyst, teacher, friend, and ride companion. Women in cycling have found a voice. And it is a loud, proud, powerful voice.

While CycloFemme continues to build as a worldwide movement, it is time for Girl Bike Love to take on a new role. It is time for Girl Bike Love to grow, spread our wings and  share an even more inclusive message. Moving forward, we will shift to encouraging women in the outdoors on a broader scale, through adventure and exploration in nature. From here on out, we will call ourselves Brazenly.



WE ARE BOLD: Adventurers, Builders, Storytellers, igniting one another
through shared experience and an invitation to participate.
We believe that personal growth, strength, and compassion for our world come through connection,
collaboration, and exploration of nature and its community.
Let’s go.

We see the outdoors as a natural proving ground for learning the most important life skills – resilience, confidence, compassion for our world, and that’s just the beginning. We learn about ourselves and our place as part of the larger whole. From our experiences we gain wisdom to walk through life, every day.

We look forward to welcoming you to new adventures and grand stories of bold exploration, infusing the outdoors with just as much passion as we do cycling. Please continue to visit us at and follow us on social media as @GoBrazenly. Stay tuned for inspiring content focussed on the why and how of playing in the outdoors. We will host interviews with those who go brazenly, share skills and recipes for adventure, and tell stories around a cozy evening campfire.

With Love and Gratitude,

Sarai Snyder

Founder – Girl Bike Love (now Brazenly) – Boulder, CO

We believe that personal growth, strength, and compassion for our world come through exploration of nature and its community.

Join us.